What Do You Eat

Learn how you can help with a new
Autism, ADHD, Anxiety & Depression study.

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What are the goals of this research study?
The goal of this research study is to develop an online questionnaire about what youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) eat and how it impacts their daily lives.


Who can be a part of this research study?
Youth with ASD ages 7 to 16 years, along with their parent(s).


What will participants be asked to do?
Youth and their parent(s) will complete a questionnaire about food and eating habits online. Parents will complete an additional child background and medical history questionnaire online. Participants will be paid for their time with an Amazon online gift card.
If you would like to begin participation in the study, follow this link.


What are the benefits of taking part in this research study?
We hope to learn more about what youth with and without ASD eat in everyday life. We will pay you for your time.


I want to help! Who do I call?
If you have questions about the study, please email: WhatDoYouEatStudy@email.chop.edu
If you would like to begin participation in the study, follow this link.   

For more information, please contact: