Understanding Social and Motor Functioning

New CAR Research Sheds Light on


Universal Screening for Autism in Toddlers

The goal of this research study is to better understand differences in the way people with an autism diagnosis move their bodies and faces compared to people with no behavioral diagnosis, and to those with ADHD, depression, anxiety, or other diagnoses. Individuals who are diagnosed with ASD, depression, anxiety, ADHD, or who do not have any behavioral diagnosis are  invited to participate in this study, which will include a visit to CAR to complete simple social skills tasks, motor behavior and language tasks as well as an IQ test. Participants will be compensated for their time and effort and will receive a brief report of their behavioral and IQ tests results. For more information: CARmotorlab@email.chop.edu | 267-425-1192

For more information, please contact:
Amanda Riiff