The Autism Track of the CHOP Psychology Internship program is directed by Judith Miller, PhD.  Interns in this track complete clinical assessment and consultation rotations at CAR.  Interns in the ASD track may complete a second year of funded clinical training as post-doctoral fellows through CAR. CAR’s program works closely with CHOP’s Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND) program, one of several such leadership programs around the country.  Visit the CHOP Psychology Internship Program website for more information.

The postdoctoral fellowship offers specialty experiences in ASD, diagnostic evaluations and opportunities to master assessment of individuals, age 3 months to 50 years. Opportunities to participate in intervention studies, parent trainings and community presentations are also available. Participation in research development, implementation and publication is based on the fellow’s career goals, level of experience, and CAR’s needs.  Fellows may complete supervised clinical hours for licensure, and have access to EPPP exam materials on site.  Visit CHOP's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Clinical Psychology page for more information.

Research postdocs get mentorship from leading scientists and clinicians, and access to vast institutional resources, in support of their development as independent investigators. Funding frequently comes from a host of NIH sources, as well as private sources like the McMorris fund for translational autism research, made available through CAR, CHOP, and PENN.  Our postdoc alumni have moved on to faculty positions at CAR, University of the Sciences, Drexel, etc.​

Visit the CHOP Research Institute's Postdoctoral Fellow's page for more information.

Graduate students at CAR are exposed to a variety of clinical research opportunities while pursuing their doctocal degrees.  Those interested in applying should visit the University of Pennsylvania's Psychology Graduate Program website for more information.​

CAR offers summer and semester internships and volunteer postions, as well as work-study positions for students at the University of Pennsylvania.

Students, volunteers, and interns at CAR gain expereince in a variety of areas of clinical research, including data entry and organization, participant interaction, web design, statistics, and neuroimaging.

Judith Miller, PhD

Clinical Training Director

Caitlin Clements, BS

Graduate Student

Ashley deMarchena, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Jennifer Maldarelli, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow