Susannah Horner, LCSW

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Community Education Program Manager

Susannah Horner, LCSW is the Clinic Social Worker and Community Education Program Manager for the Center for Autism Research and provides supports for the clinicians and families that are involved with the center.  Susannah also manages the CAR Autism Roadmap™ resource website and networks with community support systems and providers, as part of the outreach team, to maintain accurate and evidence-based information for families and professionals. As part of CAR’s mission in giving back to the community, Susannah also facilitates the Next Steps workshop series for professionals and family members, providing information about ASD at targeted points through the developmental process.   Susannah is also available to provide information and resources to families as they navigate many of the systems that exist for supporting individuals with ASD and also looks to find ways to help fill gaps that may currently exist.  Prior to coming to CAR, Susannah spent most of her professional career working within educational settings, supporting students with autism and other needs.  Before joining CAR in 2016, she was a Clinical Social Worker for the Springfield School District, providing supports and services for the students, families and educational staff there and also worked for several years as a social worker for the Silver Springs – Martin Luther School, which is a PA Approved Private School.  Susannah was also an Autism support service coordinator for Elwyn early intervention services.  Susannah is thrilled to be a part of CAR and looks forward to continuing to work with families and professionals supporting individuals with ASD.