Ragini Verma, PhD


Ragini is an Assistant Professor in Section of Biomedical Image Analysis, Department of Radiology at UPenn. She has masters in Mathematics and Computer Applications followed by a PhD in computer vision and mathematics, from IIT Delhi (India). She did two years of postdoc at INRIA, Rhone-Alpes, with the MOVI project (currently LEARS and PERCEPTION). She then did two years of post doc in medical imaging at SBIA, prior to taking up her current position. Ragini's research interests span the area of diffusion tensor imaging, multi-modality statistics and facial expression analysis. She is actively involved in several clinical studies in schizophrenia, aging, tumors and multiple sclerosis as well as projects in animal imaging.
Ragini works in the broad area of multi-parametric image analysis which aims at integrating several channels of information (MRI, genetic and clinical scores) to solve a clinical or biological problem. She currently focuses on three manifestations of this broad research problem: 

* statistics of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), where conventional  approaches, including linear statistics, are not valid since the underlying imaging data lies on nonlinear manifolds

* combining different MR protocols to enhance tissue information to better characterize abnormality in normal appearing tissue affected by pathology; and 

* automated facial expression analysis, where underlying non-linear variation in expression if well characterized and quantified, can explain differences between patients with neuro-psychiatric disorders and controls.