Margaret Souders, PhD, CRNP


Margaret Souders, PhD, is committed to the profession of nursing and the generation of evidence to guide clinical practice. As a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner in the Biobehavioral Unit and the Regional Autism Center at CHOP, she has provided care for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families for 12 years. Individuals with ASD vary in the degree to which they exhibit the core features of the disorder. She has educated families about the core deficits of ASD specific to their child and have tailored their recommendations to optimize each child’s functional and behavioral outcomes. As a member of an interdisciplinary team in the Biobehavioral Unit, she has been trained in applied behavioral analysis techniques and have guided families on the type and intensity of the behavioral program most appropriate for their child’s needs. She has developed excellent clinical and differential diagnostic skills under the mentorship of Dr. Susan E. Levy, Medical Director of the Regional Autism Center at CHOP. She was trained in 2001 to perform diagnostic evaluations in children with ASD and have conducted developmental testing with more than 500 children. In addition, she has advanced training in the use of psychotropic medications in children with ASD with severe maladaptive behaviors and has collaboratively practiced with pediatric psychiatrists and developmental pediatricians for the past decade.