Jennifer Jang, BA


Jennifer is a research assistant working on studies at the Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Lab. These studies aim to understand how children with and without autism process auditory information and language through the use of MEG and MRI technology. She is also working as a research assistant for a XYY study with Thomas Jefferson University, which examines the neurobiological differences in boys with XYY syndrome with and without autism, boys with autism, and boys who are typically developing. She enjoys learning from and interacting with children with autism, their families, and the multidisciplinary team at the Center for Autism Research.

Jennifer graduated from Emory University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies and minor in Anthropology. While at Emory she tutored refugees and volunteered as a teacher’s assistant working with preschoolers with autism. During an internship in India, she helped launch a vocational workshop for teenagers with autism. After graduation she worked as a project coordinator at the University of Pennsylvania’s Risk and Resilience lab studying the stability and effect of socially supportive relationships on adolescents facing adversities. Through her experiences and education, she developed an interest in holistically understanding disadvantaged populations, such as refugees, minorities, and people with autism. Jennifer hopes to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology to better serve these populations and their mental health.