Robert Schultz, PhD

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Scientific Director

Bob Schultz, PhD, is the Director of the Center for Autism Research (CAR), a multi-faceted research program at CHOP working to understand the causes of the autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and to develop better treatments. The group’s research addresses the basic mechanisms that support social communication, attention and the biology of reinforcement based learning. Much of Dr. Schultz’s work has involved using magnetic resonance imaging to understand brain mechanisms and to create biomarkers that predict who has ASD, who will develop the disorder, and who will respond well to different interventions. More recently he has developed a technology and innovation lab to exploit advances in perceptual computing in order to develop more robust measurements of quantitative traits.  Previously, Dr. Schultz was the Harris Endowed Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale School of Medicine. He received his PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, with an emphasis on neuropsychology.


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