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October 25, 2018 

The Center for Autism Research's commitment to help families living with autism extends beyond the walls of our center. Our goal is for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) to be included, active participants in their communities. CAR and its researchers and staff are involved in many different projects throughout our region. We recognize that, in addition to basic research in the causes and characteristics of ASD, we need to conduct other kinds of research, provide training and support to families and community-based professionals, raise awareness about ASD across the region, and develop partnerships with other agencies, if we are to impact policy changes that will improve the lives of individuals with ASD.

CAR Autism Roadmap

The CAR Autism Roadmap™ is a website that provides families and providers with resources and information about ASD.

  • Learn about autism spectrum disorder, including symptoms, diagnosis, and the impact on families and individuals.
  • Get the latest information on treatments and therapies and how to get services.
  • Connect with resources for children, youth and adults.

Workshops and Trainings

CAR offers a variety of parent workshops and professional development trainings.  Learn more about our Next Steps workshops for parents and professionals and about our ADOS training opportunities for clinical professionals.

Clinical Support

CAR is supported by CHOP programs:

To make an apointment, visit the Autism Integrated Care Program at CHOP.


Join ECHOAutism at CHOP to receive regular, convenient access to autism and behavioral experts at CHOP in a virtual learning network.

CAR's Outreach Team is a critical part of our goal to support families. Whether you're trying to find IEP resources for your school-aged child, find research for your adolescent to participate in, or want to take the entire family to an ASD-friendly event, the Outreach Team will be able to connect you to the resources you need.

Susannah Horner, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Susannah Horner, LCSW

Susannah Horner, LCSW is the Clinic Social Worker for the Center for Autism Research.  She provides supports for the clinicians and families that are involved with the center, manages the CAR Autism Roadmap™ resource website, and is available to provide information and resources to families.

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Lindsey DeMarco, BA
Recruitment Coordinator
Lindsey DeMarco, BA

Lindsey DeMarco is the Recruitment Coordinator at CAR. She works connect families with research opportunities that are personailzed to their interests and needs, and works to educated the broader community about the opportunity to advance science by participating in clinical research.

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Dana Weidig
Outreach Manager
Dana Weidig

As CAR’s communicator, Dana develops all of CAR’s written materials and Web content, from blog posts, videos and marketing materials to social media and the CAR e-Newsletter. She organizes CAR’s events and connects CAR faculty members with speaking opportunities and the media.

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