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E. C. Tore, Antoniou, E. E., Reed, K., Southwood, T. R., Smits, L., McCleery, J. P., and Zeegers, M. P., The Association of Intrapair Birth-Weight Differences With Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems., Twin Res Hum Genet, vol. 21, no. 3, pp. 253-262, 2018.
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J. P. McCleery, Zitter, A., Solórzano, R., Turnacioglu, S., Miller, J. S., Ravindran, V., and Parish-Morris, J., Safety and Feasibility of an Immersive Virtual Reality Intervention Program for Teaching Police Interaction Skills to Adolescents and Adults with Autism., Autism Res, vol. 13, no. 8, pp. 1418-1424, 2020.
A. I. Christou, Wallis, Y., Bair, H., Zeegers, M., and McCleery, J. P., Serotonin 5-HTTLPR Genotype Modulates Reactive Visual Scanning of Social and Non-social Affective Stimuli in Young Children., Front Behav Neurosci, vol. 11, p. 118, 2017.
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R. P. Thomas, Wang, L. A. L., Guthrie, W., Cola, M., McCleery, J. P., Pandey, J., Schultz, R. T., and Miller, J. S., What’s in a name? A preliminary event-related potential study of response to name in preschool children with and without autism spectrum disorder, PloS one, vol. 14, p. e0216051, 2019.