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S. L. Ferri, Kreibich, A. S., Torre, M., Piccoli, C. T., Dow, H., Pallathra, A. A., Li, H., Bilker, W. B., Gur, R. C., Abel, T., and Brodkin, E. S., Activation of basolateral amygdala in juvenile C57BL/6J mice during social approach behavior., Neuroscience, vol. 335, pp. 184-94, 2016.
J. Parish-Morris, Pallathra, A. A., Ferguson, E., Maddox, B. B., Pomykacz, A., Perez, L. S., Bateman, L., Pandey, J., Schultz, R. T., and Brodkin, E. S., Adaptation to different communicative contexts: an eye tracking study of autistic adults, Journal of neurodevelopmental disorders, vol. 11, p. 5, 2019.
A. A. Pallathra, Calkins, M. E., Parish-Morris, J., Maddox, B. B., Perez, L. S., Miller, J., Gur, R. C., Mandell, D. S., Schultz, R. T., and Brodkin, E. S., Defining behavioral components of social functioning in adults with autism spectrum disorder as targets for treatment., Autism Res, vol. 11, no. 3, pp. 488-502, 2018.
R. K. Greene, Parish-Morris, J., Sullivan, M., Kinard, J. L., Mosner, M. G., Turner-Brown, L. M., Penn, D. L., Wiesen, C. A., Pallathra, A. A., Brodkin, E. S., Schultz, R. T., and Dichter, G. S., Dynamic Eye Tracking as a Predictor and Outcome Measure of Social Skills Intervention in Adolescents and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder., J Autism Dev Disord, 2020.
S. C. Taylor, Steeman, S., Gehringer, B. N., Dow, H. C., Langer, A., Rawot, E., Perez, L., Goodman, M., Smernoff, Z., Grewal, M., Eshraghi, O., Pallathra, A. A., Oksas, C., Mendez, M., Gur, R. C., Rader, D. J., Bućan, M., Almasy, L., and Brodkin, E. S., Heritability of quantitative autism spectrum traits in adults: A family-based study., Autism Res, vol. 14, no. 8, pp. 1543-1553, 2021.
A. A. Pallathra, Cordero, L., Wong, K., and Brodkin, E. S., Psychosocial Interventions Targeting Social Functioning in Adults on the Autism Spectrum: a Literature Review., Curr Psychiatry Rep, vol. 21, no. 1, p. 5, 2019.
H. Schoch, Kreibich, A. S., Ferri, S. L., White, R. S., Bohorquez, D., Banerjee, A., Port, R. G., Dow, H. C., Cordero, L., Pallathra, A. A., Kim, H., Li, H., Bilker, W. B., Hirano, S., Schultz, R. T., Borgmann-Winter, K., Hahn, C. - G., Feldmeyer, D., Carlson, G. C., Abel, T., and Brodkin, E. S., Sociability Deficits and Altered Amygdala Circuits in Mice Lacking Pcdh10, an Autism Associated Gene., Biol Psychiatry, vol. 81, no. 3, pp. 193-202, 2017.