Hunter Carney

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Clinical Research Assistant

Hunter Carney, B.S., is working at the Center for Autism Research (CAR) as a clinical research assistant. She is currently working with the Infant Brain Imaging Study team to study how the brain develops differently in infants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) as compared to typically developing children. The goal of the study is to identify very early brain features that may be characteristic of autism.

Ms. Carney graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a Bachelor's of Science in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in 2019. As an undergraduate research assistant, she studied reward anticipation for social and non-social stimuli in children aged 3-4 years old. After graduation, she worked at Duke's Center for Autism and Brain Development for 9 months as a clinical research specialist. In the future, she hopes to continue working with children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities as a clinical psychologist.