John Herrington, PhD

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Faculty Researcher

John Herrington, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Child Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at the Perelman School of Medicine.  Dr. Herrington joined CHOP’s Center for Autism Research (CAR) in 2008, and is the Associate Director of CAR’s Developmental Neuroimaging Program.  His work concentrates on social and emotional information processes among children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), with a particular emphasis on the co-occurrence of anxiety disorders in ASD.  His research examines the problem of anxiety in ASD across multiple levels of analysis, from neurobiological systems to diagnostic assessment.  He recently completed one of the largest studies to date implementing formal diagnostic assessment of anxiety disorders in children with ASD.  While a graduate student at the University of Illinois and postdoctoral fellow at the Yale Child Study Center, Dr. Herrington received multiple NIH fellowships in developmental neurobiology, cognitive psychophysiology and statistical methods.  He is also a practicing clinical psychologist using psychotherapy to treat anxiety disorders among children with developmental and intellectual disabilities.