Emily LaSasso, MSHA

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Research Recruitment Coordinator

Emily LaSasso, MSHA is CAR's Research Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator. Emily is responsible for consulting with CAR research teams by developing recruitment strategies and supporting materials to ensure study goals are met. In addition, she works on CAR's outreach team to educate families and community organizations about the opportunity to advance science by participating in clinical research. Emily connects with families throughout the greater Philadelphia region to match them with resources and research opportunities at CAR and CHOP. One of Emily’s goals is to make sure each family receives personalized attention, feedback and support each time they participate in a study, and to help families feel connected with the clinical advances they make possible. Emily received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a concentration in Laboratory Science from Mars Hill University in 2016 and her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration from Georgia State University in 2018. Emily joined the Center for Autism Research in 2020.