Casey Zampella, PhD

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Casey Zampella, Ph.D., is a Scientist at the Center for Autism Research. Dr. Zampella earned her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Rochester, where she worked primarily with children with ASD and their families, in both research and clinical roles. She completed her APA-accredited clinical psychology internship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Dr. Zampella’s research focuses on quantifying movement differences in children with ASD, and the role of those differences in social communication impairments. She is particularly interested in quantifying bidirectional processes that unfold between social partners as they interact, such as how differences in the give-and-take of nonverbal cues underlie deficits in social-emotional reciprocity. Methodologically, Dr. Zampella uses technology to facilitate the objective, efficient, and fine-grained measurement of nonverbal social behaviors, especially within natural interaction settings.