Keith Bartley, MS

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Research Staff

Keith is a research assistant working on studies utilizing fMRI to better understand mechanisms related to social motivation. He recently graduated from the University of Tennessee, where he received his BS and MS in Plant Sciences, along with a graduate minor in Statistics. 


Formerly diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, Keith has been an outspoken advocate for students with developmental disorders. At the University of Tennessee, he acted as a volunteer mentor in FUTURE, a post-secondary degree program for 18-24 year olds with developmental disorders. He has spoken at numerous conferences, including the TN MEGA and Special Education conferences, regarding intervention and the empowerment of exceptional individuals in the classroom. Keith hopes to apply for a PhD in cognitive neurosciences, with a specific interest in using new fMRI paradigms to study the neural coding of perceptual information as it relates to the acute processing of detail in ASD.